Wednesday, October 13, 2004


My last post mentioned Takashi Yamamiya's blog Squeak Everyday, which served as the final bit of motivation to get me to start blogging my Croquet experiences (which I wish I had been doing over the summer - I think if I had been expressing my problems a bit more publicly we would have resolved the communication issues much faster). Anyway, more important than inspiring me, Takashi's blog also inspired David Smith, Croquet's project lead, to start his blog Croqueteer. I think this is great way to communicate. It helps build up a sense of community, and I know that it is a real comfort to those of us building projects on top of Croquet, to have an idea of what the dev team is thinking about.

I found out about David's Blog on the page of Croquet links Julian Lombardi (U of Wisc) is putting together here. I have asked him to put a link to this blog up there too...which makes me nervous, but I figure if I expose my ignorance to the world I will learn the truth faster.