Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Well, my day two impressions are mixed. Jasmine has lots & lots of bugs. Seems like I cannot go for more than minute without doing something that pops up one of those cute debug dialogs. But, they are doing an amazing job of responding to bug reports and fixing things ("They" being David Smith, Andreas Raab & Mark McCahill). They fixed one of my bug reports within 12 hours. This is exactly why it was so important to me (and them too, I am sure), that they get out a public release. A small group just keeps repeating the same tests.

They could use some automated tests to help avoid regression thou. Takashi Yamamiya mentions in his blog entry that he got a Croquet Unit Test runner working with TeaTime (which then changed breaking his code) and that he has started porting all his work over to Jasmine. Very exciting.

I am told that Takashi (a core squeak developer) is working on a Croquet game project, Chain Reaction, with Yoshiki Ohshima (ditto re: squeak, out of U of Kyoto) & 3DSolve (a North Carolina simulation and learning software company). I should find out more about this project.