Friday, October 22, 2004

Squeak Change Sets

Scott has explaned to me why his change set could not be filed-out and then filed back in. Turns out there are timing issues with his change set & he had to hand edit his .cs file before it could be filed-in. I guess B1llG must be right about my naivette, because I find this new bit of information horrifying.

Scott also gave me an overview of the steps that would be needed to get Jasmine working in the 3.7 image, and it is pretty hairy, and not even possible unless I get currently unpublished bits from the Croquet dev team. So it looks like I need to continue hacking pieces out of the Gallery Builder until it will work under 3.6. Scott gave me another clue there too: the 3.7 image automatically calls initialize on objects when they are new'd...which Morphs do in 3.6, but non-Morphs do not.