Tuesday, October 19, 2004

We're going for it

Not yet fully blessed by the powers-that-be, but it looks like we are going to push ahead with using Croquet as the technology behind our IT & Humanities project. It's been a tough choice (and one I know I still might live to regret), but Croquet wins out by: being open sources; having a vision that is closely aligned with ours; and seeming to be on the road to developing a vibrant user community. Fingers crossed.

First step is to get Orion up to speed on Squeak. The cursing you hear in the background is him learing the new keyboard combinations. Not that I am much farther along the learing curve than he is. Scott spent the summer teaching me to become one with Squeak, but my instincts are still java/perl/c++ based. Right now I am tweaking Scott's UI on the Gallery Builder to suit my more Window's flavored preferences.

The goal is to replace Torque in our demo by the end of the month, in time for our next meeting with the Stanford Humanity Labs folk.

Interesting things to try:
  1. File-out'ing the Jasmine code and running it in the 3.7 image, with the Gallery Builder.
  2. Putting the Gallery Builder into a project and openning it inside of Jasmine. This will be amazingly cool if it works.
  3. Writing some SUnit tests.

Community Developements
  1. Julian has a blog. Yay!
  2. The Squeak guys at Georgia Tech have set up a Croquet wiki. I suspect this will become the defacto offical one.