Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Unsafe at any speed?

Things have been puttering along at CITRIS world headquarters, as our Croquet-only gallery builder demo nears completion, things continue up and down. Up, because crafting using interactions & UI elements is so much easier in Croquet that it was in Torque; Down, because Croquet remains amazingly unstable. Not a day of development goes by without a couple of VM crashes or image freezes, and some days get well into the double digits, especially with my recent venture into Video. The really frustrating bit is that most of the VM crashes seem to be either unreproducible, or reproducible only in one particular saved image.
My current hunch is that our system is particularly vunerable because it is a hybrid of 2D Morphic and 3D Croquet & that this combinantion has not been tested much. So our current plan is to phase out the Morphic code as soon as we can & keep our fingers crossed.