Friday, January 21, 2005

Picking in overlays now working.

David Smith just made my life my easier by modifying TSpace & TUserCamera so picking in an overlay just falls out naturally from building an overlay with a TUserCamera. It's a little frustration that David can solve a problem that has been plaguing me for weeks with a couple of deep tweeks...and now pretty much any mistake with an overlay results in the image freezing...but such is life on the cutting edge.

Having a working top-down overlay in the corner of the screen makes me want to be able to toggle the two views: have the top-down view be the dominant image and the front facing view be in the corner. This could get confusing - there is one TUserCamera that managers the other TUserCameras as overlays. It seems like TUserCamera was originally a kind of catch all for all the things they didn't want to put into the TeapotMorph & I bet it was intented to be a singleton. The main TUserCamera (activeCamera of the TeapotMorph) is resistant to tampering, but what about creating an additional overlay with the front view in it?

Yay, that works. I wonder if David would consider killing the main Camera render and just render it as an overlay. very flexable.