Monday, April 04, 2005

Portals Good, Crashing Bad

The portal generation all turned out to be very easy to work with. I ended up sticking with morphic for UI. Couple of fun brain twisters once we go collaborative. Got to remember that my currentSpace might not be that same as yours. Any meta'ed calls that effect the currentSpace need to have that space handed into them.

On the downside, Croquet continues to be massively unreliable. We had a public demo today & that damn VM crash is like a plague. We narrowed down our features to only the most reliable & it still crashed twice durning the demo. And we had to abort showing even the basic collabortation at the last minute. It all worked fine friday, but this morning, with the exact same set up, no go. One image or the other froze up on connection every time. Ugh.