Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tweak - good first impressions

I have been converting our morphic popup menu's over to Tweak. Our needs have all been simple so far, so not a deep test, but so far so good. The code has been pretty clean and does what I would expect it to do. And I have been enjoying the "do something wrong, get an error message, fix it and keep going" experience that I have been told is the really excitement about squeak, but has never really worked for me in Croquet, where it has been more like "do something wrong, restart the image, search the recent changes log to recover your code, make a small change & repeat". But I am now seeing the fun.

We are working with Tweak 1.0, in the Jasmine image, which, I think, puts us two versions behind. The mailing list says they are now working on 1.2 for Squeak 3.8. Hopefully we will see grand unification sometime this summer, with a 3.8 version of Croquet bringing us into the Tweak mainstream.

Other big news around the office here is that I set up the Mantis bug tracker on our server for the digital gallery project. It's much easier to use that the wiki arrangement we were using before. And best of all, it makes Orion happy.