Friday, April 15, 2005

Tweak to the rescue?

Our basic problem is that our target user base is people who are not excited about computers. So we need an interface that is not just usable, but is actively seductive. And Morphic is not it. So what about Tweak?
Andreas says he thinks they are close to being stable enough for "outside consumption". And pointed me at their brand new documentation project. Honestly, I am probably getting to old to be a programmer, as the thought of a bleeding edge UI toolkit just fills me with dread. But, DAS says it is the future, so effort put into trying to get nice Morphic behaviors would just be wasted. And I just had a good talk with Howard Stearns (in Julian's group at U of Wisc) about their interface work. (Note to self: keep up with his blog. Too bad I can't get a clean RSS stream for it). Seems they have been having pretty good luck getting tweak to do what they want, although only by attaching it to the Morph. They haven't gotten it into the world yet. Fortunately, that is all we need.
Unfortunately, Andreas does not have Windows look & feel on the todo list. So if we want if, we'll have to do it ourselves...At least for the moment.
Well, enough gathering external information, nothing for it but to jump into the whirring blades of death & see what I find.

Update: the tweak tutorial does not work with the version in Croquet. Drat.